The launch of a new sales productivity tool

Over the past several months Sellingly has been in ‘private beta’ mode, which basically means that we had the software ready to go, but we wanted to keep it exclusive to a small group of power users  who were willing and able to not just use the tool, but contribute ideas and feedback that will help shape it’s future direction.

Well, that time is coming to a close.  In two days, (Jan 1st, 2013) we will official make Sellingly public, giving the millions of sales reps around the world their first opportunity to take advantage of all the great features we’ve built into the product.

I personally can’t wait.  I set out to build a useful product that would remove some of the bottlenecks I personally saw when my own sales team was trying to take on more leads and improve their conversion ratios.

I won’t go on for too long explaining what you’ll find on January 1st, but I wanted to quickly post to let everyone out there know that I’m thoroughly excited for the new year.  The coming week, I’ll contribute an official launch post as well as some background information about how I got here, why I plan on being open about everything from development to revenue and where I see the product going in the future.

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve everyone — and I’ll see you in 2013!



David Moffett    |  Reply

Looks great and I have it on trial. Do you have a demo to show me how it works

art Post author   |  Reply

Hi David,

We’ve just released a version of Sellingly for Gmail — so that’s where the majority of our attention has been focussed. Now that it’s available we’re starting to work on some demos and tutorials.

The first demo is this simple introduction video:

There’s still a lot more to come.


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