How changing one word lead to a 284% conversion rate increase

Building a new product is difficult, but at times, it seems as if marketing one is impossible.

When that slow trickle of potential customers does arrive at your site, the last thing you want is to see them “bounce” — leaving your site without ever purchasing, registering or providing you any feedback of what you could have done better.

That’s the situation Sellingly is in as a newly launched app that helps transform the way sales rep email their leads and customers. To ensure we were converting the highest number of leads as possible, we decided to start A/B testing our homepage to see if there were things we could improve.

Before we decided what to test, we thought we’d activate our A/B testing platform (Visual Website Optimizer) to capture a simple heatmap of what people were looking at / clicking on the homepage.  At the time, we didn’t know you could run a explicit heatmap test, so instead we made the lead offensive change to the homepage that we could think of:  We changed the number “2″ to the word “two” in the main headline.

Clearly this change would have no impact on our overall conversions and within a day or two we should have a picture of what people were looking at when they arrived at

Control: Double your sales in the next 2 weeks.
Variation #1: Double your sales in the next two weeks.

We couldn’t have been more wrong with our assumption.  We forgot about our test for a few days, and when we returned to VWO to see how our heatmaps were coming, we were shocked to see the following:


That’s a 284% increase in conversion by only changing a single word!

Now, I can’t say why that change led to more conversions, and I sure as heck can’t take credit for making the decision to run the test.  All I know is that we’ve made the change permanent and will continue testing just about anything. Who knows when you’ll see something amazing.

Note: Some other day, I’ll publish the stats that show how we more than quadrupled our conversions when we changed from “download” to “sign up”.  That was another minor change that has dramatically improved the rate at which sales reps are experiencing the benefits of Sellingly.

If you haven’t already, sign up for an account and get started today!


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